Bibo lighting unit


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  • bibo4bibo

    Bibo lighting unit


    An intra oral light system which simultaneously:
    • relaxes patient’s jaws as a mouth prop
    • retracts tongue away from working area
    • illuminates the working area in the oral cavity

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    Our BLUPAQ high intensity LED curing light source is a compact and ergonomic high powered output, cordless polymerization device for dental composite material curing.

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    Our Guttacut ™ device enables comfortable, fast, time saving, precise and a much safer method (completely eliminating the possibility of accidentally burning the patient’s mouth) for the  cutting of gutta-percha points used in root canal treatments.

    The  Guttacut ™ device is inserted into the patient’s mouth in a cold state. By pressing the operating button, the tip of the insert heats up instantly, As soon as the cutting has taken place, the button is released and the tip cools down again within seconds for safe removal from the patient’s mouth.

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  • oral-liteoral-lite



    OrbO is a revolutionary light source which mounts on to the saliva ejector or suction tube and.which enables total illumination of the oral cavity from the inside.

    It is a tiny, yet very powerful light source for illuminating the oral cavity while treating the patient.

    OrbO is a miniature U-shaped clip which comes in 2 different sizes and which attaches to the saliva ejector or the suction tube. It is equipped with 2 powerful high brightness LED’s which provide illumination of more than 2000 ft-candles.

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  • Raborabo-2

    Rabo LED curing light


    The rabo LED curing light is a pen-style, high-power output, cordless light polymerization device for use in dentistry.
    rabo LED curing light is characterized by,
    •    Small size (pocket size) low weight ergonomic design.
    •    Interchangeable multi purpose tips

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  • smartlite_intra-oral_accessOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    Smartlite Focus


    The SmartLite Focus curing light is a cordless pen style LED light polymerization device for use by trained dental professionals in dental offices or dental laboratories.

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