Our Guttacut ™ device enables comfortable, fast, time saving, precise and a much safer method (completely eliminating the possibility of accidentally burning the patient’s mouth) for the  cutting of gutta-percha points used in root canal treatments.

The  Guttacut ™ device is inserted into the patient’s mouth in a cold state. By pressing the operating button, the tip of the insert heats up instantly, As soon as the cutting has taken place, the button is released and the tip cools down again within seconds for safe removal from the patient’s mouth.


Product Description


The loop on the cutting tip provides easy access to the cavity. It catches the excess gutta-percha precisely at the canal orifice and cuts it off.  This hot cutting prevents the filling material from becoming loose unintentionally.

The cutting tips are removable and are autoclavable for repeated use. They are also malleable and can be curved to the required shape with tweezers.

To sum up, use is extremely simple:

  • Insert the cold instrument into the patient’s mouth.
  • Press the button and cut the gutta-percha at the canal access.
  • Release the button and the instrument will immediately cool down and can be removed from the patient’s mouth (the excess gutta-percha will cling to the tip)


It has the following technical features:

Handpiece dimensions:                                     175 x 20 mm

Handpiece weight:                                            45 g (1.6 oz)

Operation:                                                        Cordless

Battery:                                                                        Rechargeable NiCad. 1.2 volts

Battery capacity:                                              Approximately 80 cuts per battery charge.

Charger dimension:                                           134 x 90 x 18 mm

Tips:                                                                Each device is supplied with 4 different tips for

different sized cavities. Tips are malleable and can be further adjusted by the dentist with tweezers.

Cleaning:                                                          Tips are autoclavable



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